SAT 9th April 2016  |  2 p.m.-6 p.m.
Early Bird £35 before 2nd April/£45

The concept behind this workshop is that it allows us to make it our own practice and to find our own place where we can flow.

Book your place in advance: BILLETTO or via [email protected]

An intensive workshop for intermediate/advanced capoeristas, professional dancers and movers who wish to expand their creative and functional skills.

About the Workshop:
This workshop is a Capoeira inspired technique that was born from an inherent desire to improve mobility. We will be working on:
Breathing Exercises.
Gentle technique.
Static holds aimed at working intention.
Working with our surroundings to enhance self-practice (some props will be used)
Correct transition into more explosive sequences
Training to different speeds to better response to “broken rhythm”
“Although I practiced various martial arts as a teenager including Kung Fu and Karate, it was through consistent physical training and connection to the music of capoeira that I regained a connection with my own body, which in turn allowed me to get the most out of everyday life.” – Morris Reyes

About Morris Reyes:
Morris Reyes is a qualified Capoeira teacher and has been training for more than 13 years. He has taught in London for more than 6 years and travels across the world to teach workshops and perform in various shows. In addition to teaching the Orinoco technique and Capoeira, he produces his own music, which he provides for contemporary dance performances and online videos.
Morris was born in Venezuela and moved to London in 2002.