Yin Yoga Workshop with Amanda Walker
SAT 4th June 2016  |  2 p.m.-4 p.m.
£25/ £20 Early Bird before 27th May
Book in advance via BILLETTO or [email protected]

Yin yoga uses longer-held floor based postures to stretch and stimulate the connective tissues of the body. It opens and frees the joints allowing the body's fluid systems to flow smoothly and greatly improves joint mobility and strength. In fact, yin practice creates freedom of movement for all the body's systems - circulation, respiration, detoxification- in addition to the release of any restrictive physical tensions in the muscles and skeletal tissues.
By using stillness in the physical postures and sustaining this over a few minutes with a relaxed body and a deep and easy yogic breath, the body is gently coaxed into openness. Inevitably, the mind also slows its butterfly dance of thoughts and the practice will quietly and profoundly reset body and mind in equilibrium.

This 2 hour workshop allows for deeper instruction on the specific anatomical benefits of each pose so that every individual student will know the best option or adjustment for them. Amanda will also offer guidance within each pose for meditative focus and feed-in information on the broader principles of yin yoga.

Yin yoga's unique process is a perfect complement to more dynamic forms of yoga.
The emphasis in yin yoga is on stillness and longer duration of pose, focusing on floor supported poses which may incorporate the use of props (cushions/blocks/blankets) to find the 'sukha' or('sweet-spot'!) for each student. In this way the practice offers options to every level of practitioner- beginners most welcome!

Yin derives from principles of Chinese medicine and Daoism. The practice improves the flow of 'chi' (in Indian yoga 'prana') which is the body's energetic balance both physical and in the subtle body. In yin, this works with energy flow through the meridians - water rich channels running throughout the body's connective tissues (fascia). You will experience an uplifting sense of spaciousness and calmness as you flow through the poses, on every level.

Amanda’s background in dance, visual arts and anatomy influences her approach to teaching, bringing creative sequencing to classical poses and a focus on the potential for fluid movement and strength according to the potential of each individual student. She teaches vinyasa flow, hatha flow and yin yoga and has been teaching yoga in London for the last five years.

All workshop attendees are warmly invited to join Amanda for tea and a healthy snack after the practice in the TripKitchen&Bar next to TripStudio. This is an opportunity to ask any questions and chat generally after your luxurious 2 hour treat of yin yoga for body and mind!

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