AIKARTHYA | BEND & DINE Spring Awakening
SUN 17th April 2016  |  4:30 p.m.-7:30 p.m.
£40 | £35 EB 8th April
Book now: [email protected] or via BILLETO

A 75min yoga practice with Rosie Blake followed by a 4-course candle-lit dinner!

The practice will be a moving meditation to open and cleanse the energy centers. The sequence will progress systematically through the physical body encouraging active awareness of the subtle energy body.
With asana and visualisation opening the flow of cleansing spring energy, finish feeling fresh and vital.

Followed by a 4-course candle-lit dinner to nourish and extend the awareness and balance of the physical and subtle body through sensory connection.
Coming together, sharing the time and space to slow down, re-connect with ourselves and others, creating Aikarthya; (Sanskrit) ‘unity of ideas’.

This afternoon of wholesome activities is inspired by the Ayurvedic doshas and the transition from winter (Vata season) to spring (Kapha season).

Curated and created by Nina one half of Roots Super Awesome Food, Rosie of Rosie Blake Yoga and in collaboration with TripSPace Projects.

Over a year ago, Rosie and Nina met at Rosie's morning class at TripSpace, and found their passion of yoga and food interwove perfectly, Aikarthya was born....

Bend & Dine is accessible to beginners, with variations offered for intermediate and advanced practitioners.