BODY WEATHER one day workshop with Tess de Quincey and performance at 7:30pm
SUN 20th July 2014  |  11:30 a.m.-6:30 p.m.
Tess De Quincey will be teaching a body weather workshop this Sunday 20th of July. After the workshop at 7:30pm she will be presenting MOON DANCE, a solo performance at TripStudio. Performance is £5, free of charge to workshop participants. BodyWeather is a broad-based, comprehensive training system that draws on eastern and western dance, sports training, martial arts and theatre practice. A training form that is not just for 'professional' dancers or performance practitioners, but is an open investigation that can be relevant for anyone interested in exploring the body.

Through this workshop participants will develop physical grounding, flexibility and creativity, whilst stimulating and challenging the physical and mental processes of themselves and the group. This workshop will raise the individual participants level of activation, understanding and self-expression. The training encourages playful investigation whilst building self-confidence. It operates as an open exploration with feedback mechanisms that quickly flow over as analogies to other daily situations. It promotes a communicative, questioning attitude that is based in open dialogue and the development of empathy and insight.

On a simple level, BodyWeather develops health and fitness whilst also building individual self-esteem as well as collaborative trust. The training raises awareness, perception, discernment and creativity. The process promotes interaction on both an intimate as well as a grander scale whilst it forwards a democratic understanding and process. There is a strong emphasis on the exchange between the individual and a group that directly benefits the functioning of any community. As a practice, it consistently emphasises and encourages harmonious co-existence, emphasising a fierce independence of the individual parallel to and in tandem with collective responsibility.

This workshop will introduce participants to three different areas of the practice which vary between high-energy work and more quiet meditative sessions:–

MB (Muscles-Bones / Mind-Body) – a dynamic and rhythmic work-out which includes aerobic and anaerobic exercises to develop strength, coordination and a vibrant, physical grounding..

Manipulations – a series of precise forms concerned with stretching and alignment on the basis of breath and weight.

Ground Work – a wide variety of exercises to sharpen sensorial focus and to develop sensitivity, awareness and the scope of expression through the body.

Participants should be aware that this work is NOT THERAPY OR HEALING.

TO BOOK a place please e-mail: [email protected]

Body Weather was founded by butoh dancer Min Tanaka and his Mai-Juku Performance Co in Japan. This intensive workshop will be led by Tess de Quincey who was a dancer with Mai-Juku 1985-91. Tess introduced the Body Weather philosophy and methodology into Australia in 1988 and has developed the training further through her work in Europe, India and Australia. Body Weather is the basis of her performance practice and underlies the work of De Quincey Co. |